Saturday, July 3, 2010

Changing It Up For Market Day

Another Friday, another market.  I'm gonna keep this short and sweet but I wanted to show you some things that I added to the mix for this week.  First up summer buntings.  I added some doilies and really like the looks of it.  Very sweet.
Instead of taking a bunch of frames to goodwill I added some spraypaint for some cute chalkboards.
Since its the farmers market, these reversible market bags are a must.  
I enlisted my sister's help to cut out some cupcake wrappers.  One of the only downfalls of being left handed is I am nearly worthless with a pair of scissors! Thank goodness for rotary cutters, paper slicers and die cuts on my big shot!
And lastly those cute paper straws I have been swooning over. Cute. Biodegradable.  Awesome. 
{and now available at Greenies!}
Happy Fourth Everyone!

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