Sunday, August 1, 2010

Heaven Help Me She's 3!

I've been away celebrating this sweet girls third birthday.  We've been playing in Portland for a week and it was a fabulous time! We had a little party with my family last Sunday with her fave-cupcakes.  When she woke up on Monday {her actual birthday} and I started singing Happy Birthday to her she promptly told me to be quiet.  But its your birthday I say.  And she corrects me- BUT MOM!  I already had my cupcake! 

 Is she the only kid that only eats the frosting?!
I made her dress using the Warhol Dress pattern from the ever talented Dana of Made fame.  Super easy and quick.  Just the way I like it at 10 pm the night before we are heading out of town.  What, you've never decided that was a perfect time to put everything else on hold, because your daughter needed a new dress?!  You should try this pattern next time that happens.  :)

I'm planning on posting some more details this week. Don't hold me to it though.  I've been playing Dr. to my crabby sweet baby girl who got her first black eye yesterday.  But really have you ever seen a cuter patient? 

{she turfed it at the pool and has a shiner and a big scrape.  Hence the princesses on her cheek.}

But I stocked up on popsicles and princess bandaids so hopefully we can make it.  Popsicles and bandaids make everything better!  Talk to you soon!



  1. Happy Birthday Ivy! She is such a darling girl and I loved her dress!

  2. oh wow, i can't believe she's 3 now! congrats to mom 7 dad. such a lovely 3 year old too.
    can't wait to hear more about how things have been. was thinking about you the other day and realized i hadn't heard anything new for a bit. so, hope summer's been treating ya mighty fine. =)
    big monday hugs!!!

  3. That is one serious shiner she got there! Just tell her it makes her look tough. Ha! She is cute no matter what. :)


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