Thursday, August 5, 2010

Watermelon Tuxedo Tank Tutorial

{oh my look how little she is!}
Crazy how time goes by so slow day to day but when I look back I can't believe its been a year.  I made this watermelon tank for my little lady last year because she is a watermelon fiend.  She just eats and eats until she is stained orangy pink.  Well its melon season again so I thought I would make an update on her favorite shirt for my BIG girl for her birthday. 
{she keeps reminding me how she used to be a little tiny baby but now she is 3.}  So here's how to make a watermelon tuxedo tank for your big girl.  No matter what her size!
white tank or shirt {this would be great for a stained shirt}
scrap of red fabric
green fabric of choice, probably with polka dots, or not ;)
black buttons
coordinating threads
normal sewing supplies like a machine.

I took my scrap of red and traced the neckline of my tank just under that edging to get the top to fit in there perfectly.
Then fold it in half and cut the shape you want so its even.  Mine kind of angled out and then curved at the bottom.  It might be a good idea to use some fray check at the top.  Slide it underneath the edging if there is space, pin in place and stitch with red thread.  I am digging my stretch stitch for shirts but its not necessary.  
I'm gonna remind you now.  Always make sure that you aren't sewing the back of your shirt to the front when you are applique-ing.  Of course I would never do that but just a side tip!

Ok moving on.  Cut a strip of green fabric.  This depends on how ruffly you want your ruffle, and the size of shirt you are making.  This time I cut it I think 2 1/2 inches wide?  And it was maybe 40 inches long.   Fold your strip in half lengthwise, right sides together and stitch it all the way down.  Turn it rightside out and press your seam to the back.   Then ruffle it by sewing a gathering stitch down the middle and pulling the bobbin threads.  
{ I'm assuming you know how to do that now, so just google how to gather if you need a refresher!}

Pin your ruffle right on your stitching line on the bib.  Last year I pinned it on the outside of the bib and after I washed it it there was a space between the ruffle and the bib.  So make sure they overlap just a bit.  

 Stitch in place right over your gathering stitch. 

Add three black buttons and your done!
Now go put it on your BIG girl and eat some watermelon!  Just make sure she wears a bib so she doesn't rip it off when she's done because her shirt is wet and can't stand it!




  1. very cute jenn. i was just thinking how sweet you are to give such detailed tutorials and then a second later i read about a gathering stitch and google. :):) ivy is really going to love/appreciate her mom's talents even more as she get's older.

  2. oh my! i just LOVE this tutorial! wonder if my big girl's too big for this...hmmmm? i'll have to ask her. you rock!

  3. This is so cute--I am going to make this for my toddler!
    Okay--I have another reason for commenting, too--I won the necklace giveaway you had in May and just now realized that I won. I forgot to check back to see who won and that was months ago! I was just scrolling through your older posts tonight, and I couldn't believe my eyes, as I have entered so many many giveaways and never ever win. And the necklace is so cute! But is has been months--I don't suppose you still have it do you? If so, please e-mail me at: THANK YOU!!!!

    Thanks for such an awesome blog! You are inspiring!

  4. I love it! Such an easy idea but has that boutique-y look we all crave. :o)

  5. I love the 'rufflier' version of the melon!

  6. This is so cute! My mom put my brother and I in hideous matching watermelon outfits as kids for my Aunt's wedding...wish I had this instead!

    I'm hosting a t-shirt linky party on Friday. I hope you'll link this up!

  7. Cute! THis reminds me of the tuxedo top to the Matilda Jane "Cher" dress. SO cute. I think it would also be cute with a knit ruffle with a rough cut edge.

  8. I. Love. This.
    I am featuring it on somewhatsimple this Friday, October 1st. Thanks for sharing!!!


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