Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I heart Picnik

 I think I'm late in the game, but I have a new love.  I really do heart Picnik.  From their clever loading phrases to their bugs and grass everywhere.  It makes it fun to edit photos!  I do like Photoshop but it can be so darn frustrating sometimes.  Well I took some of my  pictures from my photos hoot the other night to show you some of my favorite effects in Picnik.

{cinemascope without the filmstrips + rounded edges frame}

I love that on each thing you can customize it.  Like taking off the film strips or adjusting how rounded you want your corners.  I think this one is my favorite.  Hence the Facebook profile picture!

{cross-processing, faded just a bit + rounded corners}

Cross-processing is by FAR my favorite.  It gives that vintage-y summer feel that I love.  I almost always fade it to about 45 percent.  


The only time I really want to upgrade to Premium (its free unless you want more stuff) is really when I try the collages because they have way more layouts in premium.  But I'm cheap and these work!  You can change the color, spacing, sizing and all that.  Much easier than trying to figure all of that out in Photoshop!

 {polaroid frame + text}

These polaroid frames are fun and always make me think of Jim and Pam's wedding on the Office when they pretend to capture moments with a camera. Little side note- I sure hope the Office is a little bit better this season.  Is it just me or did it lag just a bit this past year?

{black frame + exposure}
Sorry,back on track :).  You can also do basic editing like fill light.  You save them right to your computer and all of the sudden you are a pro photo editor!

 {before and after + rotate + '60's}
Here you get the whole picture.  The photo on the left is the original and the right is rotated and has a '60's effect on it.  Pretty cool huh?!  It was really fun getting all dolled up and getting my pictures taken.  I was inspired by my friend Stacy and her beauty shots she got a couple of weeks ago.  Hope you enjoyed the photos!  Now go mess around with Picnik!

You have to have good photos to begin with!  Thanks Darin, for making me look so beautiful.  I heart you too ;)


  1. you know you're the second person i know who's recently buzzed about picnik! now i have to go see about it. =) great pictures. great photog you've got! but his job's cake cause you're already so pretty. =) have a great tuesday night!

  2. I LOVE picnik too!! You are so beautiful though... I don't think you could take a bad picture! When I use picnik for my self portraits, I usually spend a good 2 hours trying to make myself pretty!! haha!

    I'm a follower!

  3. I love them. And I want to look like that!

    You are gorgeous.

  4. How fun to have your own little photo shoot. Great job to your hubby and great modeling skills to you! I love the props as well!

  5. I loved looking at your photos...what a doll you are! I agree..I have Photshop Elements and sometimes I want to throw it out the window...frustrating!!! I will give Picnik a try.


  6. thanks for the link jenn. tried photoshop elements but couldn't bring myself to the time commitment to navigate the madness. can't wait to give picnik a whirl!

  7. You look so lovely my dear! How fun to have your own private photo session. Glad you guys have so much fun with all you new props!

  8. Awesome pictures! You are gorgeous!


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