Thursday, August 12, 2010

Memory {Summer Edition}

Homemade gifts are always the best.  Even when three year olds don't fully appreciate it. 

 Case in point, Ivy's Memory game I made for her birthday.  Someday she'll appreciate I'm sure.  
I've been wanting to make her this game for a while and her birthday gave me a good push.  Want me to show you how to make one?  Ok.  I will anyways ;)

I used these 2 inch chipboard squares from Craft Warehouse.  I even got to use a 40 % off coupon.  Sweet ! I spray painted both side white cuz its A LOT faster to spray paint 24 squares then to use craft paint.  While those dried I cut that cute blue and white polka dot paper up there in to 1 7/8 inch squares for one side and put together a sheet of images for the other side.  

I used images from LD Summer Popsicles and Treats and LD Seven Seas to make a sheet with 12 different pictures of some of Ivy's favorite summertime things.  I sized them in photoshop so they were 1 1/2 inches square and spaced evenly in a 8 1/2 x 11 inch document.    I then printed out 2 sheets on white cardstock and cut them in to 1 7/8 inch squares .  
{side note: Lettering Delights is awesome.  They have free stuff all the time and huge sales.  I haven't paid more than 20 cents for something.  Plus they keep all of your stuff in a library for you, and bunches of other cool features.  Check it out!}

I then modpodged the blue squares to one side of my now white chipboard, let them dry overnight and then the pictures to the other side.  

A game perfect for ages 3+ (just like the box says!)

I had the perfect bag for our game, but it would be fun to decorate a box for one too.  I'm thinking this will be perfect for Ivy's cousin who also turns 3 this week.  There are so many different themes you can do too.  

+numbers or letters
+boy stuff or princesses
+or my original idea of family pictures!

If you make one ever I wanna see!  




  1. That is really cute. I have been wanting to make a memory game using family photos, but still waiting for the motivation to do it :)

  2. Super cute. Ivy will appreciate someday when shes a mom, thats what I tell myself.

  3. super cute :) come on over and link up to MMM!

  4. I made a cute set for my son when he was 4yrs using juice can lids. I traced enough circles on paper and used pairs of stickers to match up. I laminated the sheets of paper, cut out the circles, then hot glued the circles to the lids. Lots of fun! Some of the lids have his school pics, some are hockey stickers, animal stickers, etc. We have a big sticker collection. :-)


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