Wednesday, August 25, 2010

She Market Recap

Wow!  I'm impressed.  You guys really like your bakers twine!  

Well, I'm done with the She Market.  Was it worth it?  Eh, maybe.  I had a fun time chatting with all the ladies and watching the mad dash for the $5 Shade shirts.
 These two ladies did a fabulous job with the sale.  Just look at all of theboxes and boxes of clothes. And thats not all of it.  I can only fit so much in my 50mm lens! When I showed up at 3 yesterday it was a mad house. Seriously.  Like probably 200 people.  And it was steady business all day.  Thanks for inviting me Karen!

Here's a little rundown of what I had. I tried my hand at some little boys ties, which were super cute, but maybe $15 is too high? I guess I should check with mom's who have boys first ;)

 Clutches, pennant banners and skirts were the hit of the party though.  I had fun pairing up all the fabrics for these little guys.  I think almost everything I made had some form of polka dots on it.  I can't help it, I just heart them!
I also had some purses and little girls clothes.  I used my orange baker's twine to tie my tags on to things I was selling.  That stuff just makes it instantly cuter!   
Ok, so I'm beat, I just wanted to stop by and say hi and THANKS for all of your entries for the Twinery giveaway!
{so far I think that Cappuccino is winning the poll}

I'll be back tomorrow with a fun project to do with your twine!


  1. Jenn,
    It was fun to meet you and see your stuff. I may or may not have been a dork when I talked to you...kind of star-struck I guess.
    Your merchandise was seriously fabulous. Yes, those ties were adorable. And so were your skirts. do you consign somewhere?

  2. I'm so glad you were there and I hope it was worth your time. You have great ideas and it was fun to be able to showcase your talents. Thanks for everything!

  3. It was fun, wasn't it! It was good to see you again!

  4. love your creations, the fabric is so colorful & pretty!


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