Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Craft Projects for Project: Craft

Happy Fall Everyone!  
Ivy and I spent the last week in Portland so we are still getting back in to the groove around here.  It is always super fun hitting up the Big City!  The highlight for me was actually taking Ivy to the Children's Museum.  If the fire alarm hadn't gone off after 4 hours of playing we probably would have just stayed all day!
Well Project:Craft is this Saturday and after getting my ticket in the mail over the weekend I am getting super excited.  I just don't know what to bring as a craft!  And you probably haven't either I'm guessing ;).  So here's some ideas for you! {and me}

  I just pulled out my Halloween countdown and still love it!  
{I've got kits available for Halloween or Christmas.  Just email me if you want to make one!}
A pennant banner!  The Crafting Chicks share a super cute halloween one! I'm in need of a birthday one myself...
Not in the mood for a Halloween project?   How about this really cute ruffle necklace.  This has been on my list for a while so maybe its time to cross it off!
Or how about heading over to Target and picking up a pair of Odell Flats for a shoe refashion? 
Did I help you out at all?! What do you want to make this week?  {Whether you are going to Project:craft or not!} 


  1. i must say, your countdown is supreme!
    i even caught myself eyeing every nook & cranny in my little house for where i could sneak some more room just for a countdown. haven't found "the spot" yet, but when i do, i'll be hollering for a kit! =)
    have fun this weekend.

  2. p.s.
    i hope to have completed a new valance idea from some fetching tea towels i found while in idaho a few weeks back.
    the current valance turns my stomach (and I made it!)....it's just not right, the colors aren't what they should be, and it's a little crooked. i made it for a different house, years ago, and i'm not in love with it anymore....hence why i'm breaking up with it.
    so there, that's my crafting goal this week!

  3. I loved those countdown blocks! Definitely one of my favorite crafts. I'm trying to come up with Halloween costumes right now. Kendle wants to be Alice in Wonderland and there is not much out there to choose from. That's all I got. :)

  4. All those are so cute! HOw much are the countdown things? I've seen them and thought they were adorable.
    I have no idea what i'm brining really! I need to jump on that!

  5. It was so nice to meet you tonight! And thank you for sharing GREENIES with us!

    (Oh, and I also wanted to say what a small world it is...my cousin is Kelsey Keller (Padilla)...Darin just took her wedding photos a while back in Moses. He does an AMAZING job!)


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