Monday, September 13, 2010

Level Up

There's this photographer I know that is really good. ;)  He has started teaching some workshops that are amazing. Do you have a DSLR and want to step up your game?  Darin is definitely your guy.  Not only is he a lighting master he is one of the best teachers I know.    This weekend is his Intro to Dynamic Lighting class.  
Here is what Darin has to say about it!

I've had requests for an intro to lighting class, so here it is! Half day class, with room for 10 students. We will go over the technical aspects of dynamic light and off camera flash with an emphasis on creating portraits that stand out from the rest.

A common question is "how did you do that?" We will go over the "how to" part, but also delve into the "why did you do that" when looking to develop our own unique style as a story...teller.

With minimal impact on your wallet, I'll show you how to build a portable, lightweight lighting kit that is always with you and ready to go. Easy to set up and tear down. No more excuses for not creating the lighting you want!

+Class will include a power point workbook/presentation as a future reference with links on where to get the pieces you need for your kit.

+2 hours in the classroom and 2 hours shooting on location with models provided.

+No previous experience or special equipment needed.

There are just a couple spots left!  The class is this Saturday September 18th from 3-7 pm.  Cost is $100.  If you are a member of the Tri Cities Photography Club the cost is only $75. So be sure to contact Darin so you can secure your spot! 

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  1. you're right. darin is a fabulous teacher + UBER talented!!!
    so sad that this saturday's already spoken for by about 8 different things. =(
    do you think he'll do this class again?
    i would LOVE to go and actually take a notebook this time. he shares so much, it's hard for my brain to record & hold it all without a little help from my pen. =)


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