Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ivy's Pumpkin Party

On Monday Night Ivy hosted her First Annual Pumpkin Party.  She has been asking if it was Halloween yet for 2 months, and has been wanting a party if the worst way.  So we invited all of Darin's family over to carve pumpkins!

I turned to my trusty friend, Picnik to help me out with the invitations.  I saved a blank image  in photoshop the size that I wanted -4x8- then imported that in to Picnik and used their halloween stickers and fonts to whip this up.   Then I imported it back into photoshop so I could print three on a page.  I know, I know, sometimes I cheat on Picnik, but as much as I love it, there are some things it just can't do ;)

 After I  printed it out, I used my favorite Halloween paper and my big shot to decorate the other side. Check out that creepy spider shadow!

  We hand delivered the invitations then waited for our party.  After my apple-palooza this weekend I decided to buy all of the food go easy on myself for refreshments  We had chips and salsa, apples with caramel dip, and pumpkin donuts.  

Since I went the easy route on the food it freed up some time to make a couple of decorations!  {Cuz I would much rather do that then make cookies!}  I made some food label thingy's using picnik - of course- to put by the food and drinks.  I also put together a little banner using cardstock and some baker's twine. 

Ivy had a blast playing with her cousins more than anything.  It was all we could do to tear them away to carve pumpkins for a few minutes! Darin had elaborate plans for a witch, but he decided to go the easy route too, and went for the goofy smile instead.

And that, my friends is exactly why we moved here.  So we could do things like have pumpkin parties with our family and Ivy could be the bestest friends with her cousins.  Thanks Warnicks for coming!   


  1. I seriously love it! How fun is that! Great idea Ivy!

  2. that's why we moved back too! so nice to be closer to family.

    what a fab party. glad it turned out so well. i've gotta get more festive. perhaps next year i'll be as ambitious as you and host one of these with seth's family. the cousins'd probably dig it!

    have a great halloween. hopefully i'll get to come by the shop today or tomorrow. :)

  3. You have me motivated to try out more cute things on picnik. Those decorations/labels/and cards are so cute. That sounds like a super fun night.

  4. jenn i think its only fair if you and i can't wear our hair in a ponytail everyday neither can ivy. =)

  5. So fantastic! You'll have to give me a mini Picnik tutorial...I'm not near that clever!

  6. Lucky ivy! Good idea to do that on Monday night too. Is it too late to have a crash class on photoshop/picnik for super sat? :)


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