Monday, October 4, 2010

I heart Picnik part 2 {spookify your photos}

You know how I heart Picnik?  Well I also love Halloween {even more now that Ivy loves it}.  So when I logged in to Picnik on Thursday to edit some photos I immediately got distracted by their Halloween actions!  Ivy and I had a blast trying out all of the different stuff.  
 In the CREATE tab on Picnik, under FEATURED is where all of their Halloween stuff is.  Did you notice my picture on the side bar?

I turned myself into a vampire!  First up Vampire Eyes in yellow.  Then the Dracula Dermis {hungry} all over.  I added the fangs and sized them and turned them to fit my mouth.  Then I scrolled down to the stickers and added the bat sticker.  I faded it so it was a bit transparent.  Then add some spooky text and you've got a Spooky Profile Picture!
{before and after}

 After that I thought well why not "spookify"  my header too?!  So I did just that.  I went back to my original files.  *Tiny tip when making a header*.  Save just your first layer in the size you want.  Then if you ever want to do minor changes like fonts you don't have to figure out the width or color again.

Here's mine.  I wanted it to have the same feel so here we are at square one.  

The first step I did in photoshop.  I added this rad overlay.  Its from the Bootiful Overlays on Lettering Delights. {They are on sale for a $1!} I love the black texture it adds. 

Then I took it to Picnik and added the text.  First the orange at the bottom and then the gray.  I think this is WAY easier in Picnik than photoshop.  They have fun fonts and any changes show up right away.  Plus it is so easy to slide that size slider!  Isn't {easy} technology the best?!

Here's some more profile pictures...

 {glasses mask, enlarged and rotated}

{masquerade mask, enlarged, rotated, and turned pink}

Ivy said... Mom!  Look at your beautiful eyelashes! 

 {spider sticker, enlarged and faded.  Spiderweb}

I was amazed at how much you could tweak the spiderwebs.  Thin, thick, skewed, style, glowing.  And it was all on sliders.  LOVE IT!

So go forth fellow picnikers!  Spookify your blog. I want to see what you come up with!  It would be fun for your facebook photos too.  Oooh and to replace some of your smaller framed photos around the house!  or...or...



  1. Picnik is just so much fun. I've spent way too much time playing around with it, and I love it!

    Love your spooky pictures!

  2. haha! i gasped at first when i opened your blog and saw your photo.
    you look really freaky girl! hehe!!

  3. Jenn- so cute!! Love what you did. Those pictures are fun. Thanks for linking up.
    xo, Mique

  4. You are adorable! I love the nose! I have to check Picnik out!

    I linked up too, hope you can check me out!



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