Monday, May 23, 2011

Hello Monday.

Hello rainy monday.  I have to admit that when it is raining like it is today {and we have had a week of sun} I kind of like it.  It reminds me of home and makes me feel cozy.  As long as it doesn't stay I'm perfectly content to enjoy a day inside with my girl and a big pile of books.  Ivy and I have been playing camping,  reading book after book and playing with babies.    We have had a weekend of highs and lows so mellow is always nice.

We are getting sad this week that some of our family that we came here to be close to is moving away.  Funny thing is they are moving to Denver where we came from.  Ivy will miss Lytton who she always proclaims is her bestest friend and I'm going to miss my dear LoLo. So I planned a little girls night with just the aunties and Grandma to sit and chat one last time before she leave us for the Rocky Mountains.  {yes I'll admit I'm a wee bit jealous that they will be back in the mountains I love.  Although I'm not jealous of the snow in May.}

We enjoyed a few treats and sipped italian sodas with some happy yellow straws. . . 

turned down the lights and visited and giggled just like girls do.  

Parties are the perfect excuse to buy flowers... 

and to sew fun things and pretty up the place.

We are being brave  because we know our family will be back soon.  We are so happy for them on their new adventure. And Ivy will still proclaim Lytton to bestest friend and we will always love our crazy Lolo.  {and yes Rich we will miss you too!}  

How was your weekend?  And Happy Monday to you! 


  1. I guess I should have more parties because nothing makes me happier than fresh blooms in my house.

    Sorry you have to see family go. That's always a tough one.

  2. That is sad that they are moving and kind of crazy that it's where you guys moved from. What are the chances? Love the cute little touches you did for you girls night shin dig.

  3. I LOVE those flowers in the things, held on the the whoozits. I assume that those could be used to hold pens or chalk, but the flowers are much better.

    So, enlighten those of us not in on the mustache lingo. "Lolo is leaving {boo} so let's celebrate her awesomeness before she mustaches" just doesn't make sense to me.

  4. How beautiful! I especially like the chips and salsa display. I will have to check out Picnik. I've heard great things about it but have yet to check it out.


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