Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sea Salted Caramel Recipe

Just in case you missed the yummy treat I shared at Four Flights last week, I'm reposting it here...

 Lately I have been adding a bit of sea salt to all my sweets and have been loving the combination.  So when I saw a salted caramel recipe on pinterest I knew what my Sunday evening treat would be. Luckily I had all of the ingredients in my house which is rare for those Sunday night treat making adventures. Isn't that the worst when you don't have everything you need to try something new?  Fortunately this recipe only has three ingredients which I'm hoping you have in your house. Because if you like the whole salty/sweet thing then you will probably need to make this right away too! The original recipe was in metric measurements so I've already done the googling required for you.  And I've included a printable in case you are like me and need to give away most of what you make to get the temptation out of the house!  This recipe is adapted from Call Me Cupcake which by the way has the prettiest pictures of cakes you have ever seen.

 Here are my kitchen notes in case you are a little intimidated, which you shouldn't be because it is super easy.  {And you get to learn from my mistakes!}

+ It really is important to not to stir while melting the sugar.  I missed that part the first time and you get rock hard bits of sugar that take for-ever to melt.

+The sugar doesn't all have to be melted to remove from heat.  Once you see what is melted turn a rich amber then start swirling.

+When you stir in the butter it kind of curdles but just keep stirring it comes together!

+ I use 1/2 to 1 tsp of sea salt.  

+Be Careful!  Caramel is hot!  I promise!

+This is more of a spreadable caramel or a dip.  Just heat to drizzle.

+When I was googling the conversions the cream one said .63 cups or 3/4 cup.  Those didn't match up but I went with the 3/4 cup of cream.  The caramel ended up a lighter color and a bit runnier, more like a caramel topping.  It has a milder flavor and is just as delicious.   Feel free to try it that way too!

After I got my caramel in to a jar {one batch will fill one 1/2 pint jar or 2 of those itty bitty jars} I thought it would be such a cute thank you gift!  So I made a flag and gussied it up all cute.  As promised I've included the printable so you can make yours cute too!

I hope you like the caramel!  It is super yummy on apples, ice cream, cookies, your finger....use your imagination!  

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  1. wanted to let you know my awesome VT got this recipe from your blog and made me a jar of it, and it was delicious! so thanks for posting cause I reaped the rewards! : ) and now I might have to make some cause I think the jar might be gone by monday!

  2. yummers! thank you. can't wait to make some when life settles down. :)

  3. Maybe I'm an idiot, but I don't get it. Do you add the sugar to the heavy cream that you warmed up? Because that's what it sounds like. But if you do that, where does the cream you add once the sugar melts come from?

  4. Hey bree! Hopefully you check this for your answer. Nah you aren't an idiot i promise! Heat the sugar in one pan, and in another small saucepan heat the cream. Once your sugar has melted and you've added the butter, then stir in the cream. Let me know if you have any other questions!

  5. I love anything that has to do with caramel---thanks so much for sharing this recipe!

  6. how much is .44 cups of sugar?

  7. .44 cups of sugar is 1/3 of a cup plus 5 teaspoons. :)


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