Thursday, July 21, 2011

DIY Hex Nut Wrap Bracelet {with Henry Happened}

Hey guys!  Are you loving all the bracelet fabulousness out there?  When I was searching bracelet DIY's I found Stephanie from henry happened.  She has super rad bracelet tutorials and I asked her if she wanted to stop by and share one with you.  Yay!  She's here to share here Hex Nut Wrap bracelet with you.  So pay attention class.  You are gonna want to make this...

Hi, this is Stephanie from henry happened. Thank you Jenn for having me on your lovely blog! I love all of the gorgeous arm candy everyone is making these days. Bracelets are colorful, easy to wear and the perfect kid-friendly accessory.

I have a little thing with bracelet making. It's an addiction. Is there a support group for this? But I see these fun, colorful wrap bracelets everywhere, and they are sooo easy that even this craft-challenged mom can't resist.

And seriously J. Crew, $36 for this?
Step 1: Get thee to Goodwill and buy a crazy skirt for $3. Then stop by the hardware store for a dozen or so brass hex nuts at 15 cents each. (You might want to pick up a few extra to make this bracelet.)

And you've shelled out about $5. (Why are all my projects $5? It's not a Lincoln conspiracy, I promise.)
Step 2: Cut a piece about 4 inches wide. Thinner is okay (not too much or it will just look sad), but you can't go much thicker because your hex nuts won't fit. Length can vary - the longer it is the more times it will wrap on your wrist. Also, the ragged edges are cool so don't stress about hemming or fraying.
Step 3: Tie a knot in one end and twist the entire length.
Step 4: Feed your hex nuts on, spacing them however you want. Don't glue them on - the width of the fabric will be enough to keep them in place. Plus then you can adjust them after you put the bracelet on.

Step 5: Tie the two ends together in a knot so it forms a circle.
Step 6: Wind it around your wrist! You can move the hex nuts around for a better visual.
I love the chance to wear a bold color. So, obviously, I'm a bracelet person. What types of jewelry do you favor?

Thank you again for having me! Stop by henry happened sometime and say hi! :)

Thanks so much Stephanie for being a part of our friendship bracelet swap! 


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