Friday, July 8, 2011

InstaFriday {can it be summer forever?}

Happy InstaFriday everyone!  Here's a glimpse of our eventful week through phone photos.  {Just so you know, breaking down and getting a phone that takes good pictures is one of the best things I've done lately.} 

These peonies were at the farmers market last Friday.  I really hope she is going to be back today cuz I need some of these beauties to brighten up my home this weekend.

Last weekend was Grandma Camp.  Darin's mom hosts it every year and everyone comes for 2 days of fun. There is tin foil dinners, a pajama fashion show, Christmas in July, S'mores {my favorite part} and story time.  And thats just the first day!

Our friends Rob and Stacy came in to town for the 4th of July so they came out to Grandma camp too.  My in laws live in the country a little bit and they always have the MOST gorgeous sunsets.  Perfect lighting for Stacy's maternity shoot with Darin.  It doesn't get much prettier then wheatfields in the evening light.

On the second day of Grandma camp we have a family friend bring horses for horse rides, water balloon launchers, homemade ice cream in a bag and an obstacle course.  This year the last task was to eat one of those huge marshmallows with no hands.  I think all the kids got sick. 

After Greenies closed on Saturday we headed out to Portland to spend the 4th at the beach.  The original plan was to go to the coast both Sunday and Monday but you can't count on beach weather in Oregon.  Even in July.  Since it was rainy at the coast we enjoyed an actual sunny day.  Right in Portland.  In all my life of living in and visiting Portland I have never been to Voodoo Donuts.  We stood in line for 30 minutes. I guess its a newly renovated locatation.  The entire building was painted with glitter.  I loved it.  

It was really good.  My favorite was the Voodoo Doll.

Luckily we had good weather for the 4th.  We hit up the Cannon Beach parade.  Ivy didn't think it was that great until everyone started throwing candy at her.  Then she def warmed up to the idea.

We got there in perfect time to explore the base of Haystack Rock {you know, the Goonies rock} when the tide was out.  The rocks are covered in starfish and mussels and barnacles and all kinds of crazy sea life.  Next time I'm taking my bike.

We came home and had a night out on the town with Darin's siblings.  They convinced us to go to Olive Garden.  Last time we went there was probably 6 years ago in Denver.  It was seriously like the Denny's of italian food.  The chairs had casters on them.  Luckily this was a much better experience.  Fancy even.  Yay.

Then it was back to our regular routine of pool, sleep, repeat.  Why do goggles make everyone instantly nerdy.  And super cute at the same time?  

How was your 4th?!

{ps... you don't have to use instagram to link up.  Any ole camera pictures will work.  Won't you join me?}


  1. Great pictures! And I love Grandma camp. :-)

  2. If summer is anything like this, then yes by all means let it be summer forever!! Had to click over because I loved the name of your site. I'm smitten with the rest of it as well, off to check it out! Nice to meet you :) {{{Waving Hi}}}

  3. we LOVE cannon beach!
    we were there 6 years ago when henry was just a peanut and i still dream of going back.

  4. Grandma Camp sounds awesome!!!

  5. what a great week! and i love them in instagrams. so charming. :)
    gotta say, grandma camp sounds tops. might have to borrow some of those ideas for a slap-together fam reunion next month! have another great week. ::hugs::


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