Friday, July 15, 2011

Insta Friday!

Oh Insta Friday how I love you.  I seriously love taking more pictures and having a "camera" with me at all times to catch silly or fleeting moments of the every day.  Come follow along and catch a glimpse in to our week...

This girl has been cracking me up all week.  This was last friday and seriously one of the best days we have had together in a while.  The whining has been getting me down the past few weeks but this day I had a super non-whining girl and I loved every second of it.

We got all our jobs done Saturday morning and decided to spend the day at the "beach".  The river has finally gone down and mellowed out a bit so we hit up the beach for some splashing.  Too bad it hasn't warmed up any.  We ended up at the park 20 minutes later but she found a friend and spent the next two hours playing hot lava.  Yay for kids with imaginations.

I haven't been able to get all the fab bracelet tutorials out of my head lately.  I spent Saturday and Sunday making some and putting together a friendship bracelet swap with my friend Amanda from The Modern Marigold.  So stock up on supplies this weekend cuz next week the great Friendship Bracelet Swap {summer 2011} is coming and we'd love to swap some bracelets with you!  

I spent a good couple hours folding fabric and cleaning up the craft room.  I felt my creative vibes slowly coming back the cleaner it got.  It sure is nice to be able to see the floor ;)

We got a pack of feathers from Hobby Lobby and put together some barrettes for the little lady.  If only she left anything in her hair for more than 2 minutes.  

Ivy's new favorite movie is the Parent Trap.   The first time we watched it, about half way through she asked me when the parrots were coming out of their trap.  I'm pretty sure the anticipation of parrots is what kept her watching.  Now she loves it as much as I do!

My little "helper" tied up all my string in a big knot while I was working on some bracelets for next week.  I think its almost worth it to just buy new floss.  That knot is going to take forever.  

  If you just can't wait till next week to see what else we are up to you can follow along on instagram, my user name is jenn_warnick.   Happy Insta Friday!


  1. I'm thinking about trying my hand at the friendship swap. Feels a little daunting at the prospect of having to make a bunch of bracelets, but ending up with a bunch makes me happy! I'll just have to channel my inner 4th grade self.

    I have that same rug you do! Great minds think alike!

    Oh and I just love that Ivy loves the Parent Trap. That was my favorite movie as a little girl. I need to pull that movie out again for my girls!

    Have a good day!


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