Friday, October 7, 2011

Insta Friday 10.7.11

Happy Insta-Friday!  Here's a little peek at what has been keeping us busy these days. 

Isn't he cute?!  I got him at The Junk Barn Girls show and I heart him.  My friend Shannon put on a fabulous antique show and I can't wait for the next one.  I also picked up a turquoise window that I love.
We started back up with our co-op preschool.  Ivy insisted on curls with our curl stick.  Still love that thing.  And she uh finally fit in to that one dress I made oh, 2 years ago. 

My very own Allora Handmade from some kind friends. 

In between conference sessions we went for a family bike ride.  I think we went about .5 miles per hour but we loved that Ivy is getting braver.  

Ivy fell asleep the other day, during the day.  Its a magical day when she takes one of those things other kids take called naps.

I'm not much of a drawer but I sketched out this fox for an applique the other day.  Darin still can't believe that I drew it.  I know I said, I'm just as impressed and shocked by it too.

I've given in to Fall.  Mostly because summer weather is just gone.  But I fully embrace it once it comes. One of my favorite parts is that its scarf weather!! See any munchins in the back seat?  

It helps our food storage to be related to farmers and people who know farmers.  Ivy helped by labeling the bags for me.  I will smile every time I see her four year old handwriting on a bag when I pull it out of the freezer. 

Apparantly some people can't let go of summer.  We bundled up and went wakeboarding this week.  Well, I watched while my crazy husband wakeboarded.  I had on my uggs and a beanie.

My little fox in applique form.  I heart him still.  And I can't wait to meet the little guy that he is intended for this weekend.  All I got to say is the snow better be melted in Utah by the time I get there.  

Woot!  Greenies {thats our business we own in case you didn't know} got the City of Richland Green Business of the Year.  Its a major award.  ;)  

Hope you had a fabulous week!  


  1. love the fox applique, jenn!

  2. you got a turquoise window?????? That is seriously the color I look for to splash around our kitchen!! Luv it!!!

    Love all you pics of the week!!!

  3. I love these happy pictures and these happy faces. Love them all. Especially the fox and the owl!

  4. your child has the cutest bike! love it!


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