Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pin Did {fashion}

My friend Lindsay commented on an outfit pin once... "I think you have all of that in your closet."  I quickly realized that a lot of the fall outfits I loved were just variations or a better put together version of what I already had in my closet.   So as I packed up my bag to head for Utah over the weekend I didn't have to try very hard to think of what I was going to wear.  And I didn't have to buy anything.  Uh, ok maybe I bought the gloves and the scarf.  It was COLD while we were there!  

striped top.boots.old navy.
purse.made by me. 

dress.cardigan.boots.leggings.old navy.


{Linking up with Amanda again.  She's totally holding me responsible for not just pinning, but doing.}
{ps also adding my first and maybe only WIWW!}



  1. I've been thinking the same thing. I think seeing it on someone else makes me look at my closet in a new way. I'm not shopping as much but am wearing all new things, if that makes sense.

    You're adorable, as always.

  2. tres chic! and i'm a sucker for boots on the little girlies :) so cute.

  3. I have found some great inspiration for mixing up what I already have in my closet on Pinterest...sometimes you just need some fresh perspective. I do really love the scarf...a similar floral one is on my fall wish list!

  4. So cute. I love what you put together, and I love seeing what is in your closet in a new light! It's true that many of those cute outfits on Pinterest are classics put together in a fresh layers. Nice.

  5. Cute cute pictures and family! I have your same brown boots that I wear, no joke, every day! K I pretty much am obsessed with your blog too. Love your buttons at the top... how'd you DO that!? I'm your newest follower girl!

  6. great outfit! i think if i could really go through my closed i'd find just about everything i need for my pinterest pins. love the pictures! :) have a good wednesday!

  7. Loving those boots! I've been looking for some just that color...are they from this year? Might have to hit up Old Navy!

    Saying hi from Pleated Poppy. ;)

  8. These pictures are adorable! You look great, and I love your outfit!


  9. I have the same Fall uniform in my closet too! You look adorable!!

  10. cute! cute! cute! i'd love to see you as a regular for WIWW. Love your style and did I mention...you're cute?!


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