Friday, October 21, 2011

InstaFriday 10.21.11

A little insta peak in to what we have been up to around these parts.

Our trip to utah was so fun, but so short.  We managed to pack in the important stuff though. 

1.  Tshirt scarf for family pictures.  2.  Those mountains, I wanted to bring them back home with me.  
3.  Perfect timing to catch my cousin play some football.  4.  Football for me.  Ipad for Ivy.
5.  In n out is a special treat for us northerners.  Mustard style.  6.  My lova lova.
7.  Crafting in the car.  8.  She looks so tiny.  LOVE.

Rearranging.  Makes it easier to breath.

I pay him the big bucks.  Working hard editing photos and updating my phone.  

The media tour for the Green Business of the Year is rough.  TV is scary no matter how many times I've done it.  The hardest part is the 5am wakeup call.

Sigh.  Fall is fabulous.  Pretty leaves.  Halloween Schtuff.  Soup.  And pumpkins as far as the eye can see.  

Fancy restaurants in this small-ish town are a big deal.  The new place in town is my new fave.  Especially when its with my fave husband.

This girl has me emotianally drained at the end of the day lately.  Good thing she's cute!

1.  Making cookies.  She apparently thinks its not necessary to wear a shirt while baking. 
2. Darth Vader face. I was instantly cooler when I made her a light saber. 
3.  Sometimes the mess is totally worth the hours of entertainment.
4.  Pumpkin picking with Grandma.  

Last night my friends surprised me with an early birthday girls night on the town.  A yummy dinner {see fire picture above} and Footloose.   The movie was totally cheesy and totally awesome.  Willard cracked me up the whole time.  But even better was laughing with such good friends.   Thanks ladies I loved every second!


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  1. October looks like it's been a super busy/fun month for you guys! I love the picture if Ivy with her light saber. Last night was lots of fun, I haven't laughed that hard in a while. Have a safe trip!


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