Monday, April 9, 2012

Hello {insta} Monday

Thanks Instagram for helping me keep track of my weeks!  As always you can follow along with me @ruffledsunshine.

Old Maid, princess style.  She ALWAYS picks from the same spot so I know I'll never lose!  But sometimes I do, just to be nice.

What?  The sun is shining?  Awesome!  

Since the sun is finally shining at home lets go to Portland where its always raining.  Seriously.

Poor little lady took such good care of me when I was sick it was bound to happen that she would too I guess.  You know its bad when she asks if she can take a nap.  And really does it.

Cherry blossoms are SO pretty.  I love the smell and I love that this whole town is filled with popcorn trees.  

My dad is a mean BBQ-er.  Best burger I've had in a long time.  Always with avocado. 

We don't get catalogs at our house so I always catch up at my mom's.  Pottery Barn and I are both dreaming of summer.  

Yay for Red Robin with my family!  The burger my dad made me was way better.  But the company was fabulous.

Hello Charming Charlie!   My sister and I did a bit of shopping Friday night.  She introduced me to a new store in town called Charming Charlie.  Its a huge accessories store and everything is displayed by color.  I was totally overwhelmed by how much there was but I managed to find a bracelet that I couldn't leave without.  

Pizza Schmizza.  Yumm...

I got home Saturday afternoon and was glad I did cuz my SIL got married Saturday night instead of Sunday like originally planned!  It was crazy, but what fun memories!

A new dress, a nice spring day, grandma's house with cousins. All. Day.  Long.   My little towhead couldn't ask for a better day.  I couldn't either really.  

Hope you had a fabulous Easter!  Talk to you soon.

{ps.  I got a new camera app I'm loving so I thought I'd clue you in.  Its PicFX and I can't get enough of the bokeh filters!}



  1. Your instagram photos are super fun! And such a nice glimpse of spring : )

  2. love your photos! also thanks so much for the new photo app recommendation! i love finding new apps!



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