Monday, April 16, 2012

Hello, Monday {4.16.12}

Hello  insta friday that somehow keeps getting pushed back to Monday. 

Hello April and your way of making me feel very pale all of the sudden.

Hello longer days that are awesome.  Hello sunsets that are amazing.  Every. Single. Day.

Hello shiny pot.  Thanks for helping me get a head start on dinner instead of waiting until its almost too late.

Hello Party Rockers.  Everybody put your hands up.

Hello 70 degrees and dandelions.  Thank you for providing hours of entertainment for my child.

Hello Me on 15 #aprilphoto366.  

Other highlights from our week were getting our taxes done 3 whole days early WOOT!  Celebrating a sweet friends birthday and the general happiness that comes from multiple days of sunshine.  

Hello Monday!  


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  1. What a cute pic of the dandelions and your kid. Just did a post about those pretty yellow flowers that are springing up everywhere now and are so rudely called WEEDS! Oh hello, My name is Noel. I'm new here. Found you through a link up. I'll be back, you have a great place here.


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