Tuesday, April 10, 2012


*** I know you guys really don't care about these exercise updates, but I feel the need to own up to it more and try harder if I'm putting it online.  Don't hate me!***

 You know how I finished P90x?  Well right after we finished that we jumped right in to Insanity.  Umm its insane, and I pretty much hate it!  It is a cardio workout from the same company that does P90x.  It is ALL cardio, so basically the complete opposite of what I had been doing before.  When we are finished I am all red faced and I stink and sweat is dripping down my face.  Want to know the most annoying thing?  I have to wash my hair every day.  I hate that, just sayin. ;)

For Insanity they have to do a fit test every two weeks and take your measurements.  Here are my results after two weeks...

Not bad for two weeks.  I have been trying harder to eat more healthy with this program so I think that has helped quite a bit, and my energy has been way up. Or it was until I got sick, BOO!!  I was down for about 4 days but I am still feeling so worn out.  Mandy and I both got sick at the same time and had the same thing, so luckily I'm not holding her back.  Ugh.  We did our third fit test yesterday and I really thought I was going to throw up.  I'm stuck in that vicious cycle of not having good energy because I'm not working out, but not being able to work out well because I'm so wasted from being sick.  So we are on "recovery week" three!  Hopefully we are fully back to normal by next week so we can finish the dang thing.  Cuz honestly I want it to be over, like yesterday.

These numbers are based off of week 2, not totals for the whole program, does that make sense?  For example after week 2 I had lost 1 pound.  I lost another 1.4 pounds by week 5.  So far doing insanity I've lost 2.4 pounds.  Not bad for taking a week and a half off I guess.  Although it might have been better if I hadn't of bought that  bag of cadbury mini eggs a couple of weeks ago. Those things are like crack, seriously.  

Thanks for letting me post this stuff.   It really does help to keep me accountable.  To say thanks I've uploaded a blank notecard I put together for keeping track of my progress.  Just right click and save the image above.  Then you can upload it to PicMonkey {an AWESOME Picnic replacement} or use photoshop and keep track of your own results. 



  1. I'm cheering for you! I need to get my butt in gear and do my 30 Day Shred. I need to do the laptop/tv thing so it's not so tedious.

  2. Supposedly Picnik is moving to Google+, but I don't know how that would work... :/ I <3 Picnik!

  3. Oh yeah, I'm starting to hate that thing too. i'm in my 3rd week and it BITES!!! Good for you and Mandy!

  4. EmbellishbymandyApril 15, 2012

    Yeah I don't know who got who sick or if that was even the case, but as luck would have it we got sick on the same day with the same thing for the same amount of time! Being sick stunk, but being sick together and recovering on the same day was great! Couldn't ask for a better workout partner. ;)


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