Thursday, January 24, 2013

The deets yo!

Wow.  This year took off like a shot didn't it?!  Is it really the end of January already? Has it really been a whole month since Christmas!  I didn't mean to leave you hanging after our exciting news {which you should check out by the way.}  Oh what you missed it the first time?  Here you go...  its only three minutes.  

I know its just so fun to watch isn't it?  I don't blame you for watching it again.  Ivy is a natural.  

Well with all that going on we are just waiting. Busy, but waiting.   SO I thought I'd fill you in with all the fun details.  

But first lets clear the air.   No I 'm not pregnant.  Haha.  That was a common misconception and in hindsight I suppose we should have not used ultrasound pictures.  But he is too cute not to share!  Ok now that thats out of the way here's the story of our best Christmas present ever.  

On the second monday in December I got a text from Darin to call him.  So I did.  Uhhh let me just tell you that the words out of his mouth were not what I was expecting at all.  He told me a birth mom had picked us and our profile had been taken down.  Hubba Whaaa??!! Well I instantly started crying and Darin's voice was all shaky which is boy for crying.  He only knew a little bit of information like the fact that our birthmom was having a boy, she was due in April and we would get to talk to her on Wednesday.  I was shaking.  My whole body was shaking.  And when I told Ivy.  Oh I wish I had it on video but it was the best every.  She started jumping up and down on the bed.  And since I was on the phone she started screaming, I'm getting a baby brother!!!! I'm getting a baby brother!!!!  Into the pillow.  I died.  We quickly decided to only let our parents know until we talked to her, cuz really how can you not tell someone that kind of news!?

I made this on my phone that night.  The very first feeling that washed over me when Darin told me the news was just this immense love.  I swear it was pouring right down from heaven and in to my heart.    You know how a little kid stands at the edge of the moving walkway, stuck and scared to get on?  That was me.  For way too long.  And in that moment it all changed and I was moving forward again.  

I posted this picture that we took at 12:12 on 12.12.12.  Did you know that was the last repetitive date we will ever have? And it was a moment I can't ever forget.   What were we doing?  Oh, just talking to our birthmom.  Nervously making small talk at first, and hanging up the the phone an hour later, knowing that she was meant for us and we were meant for her.  She thinks we are cool. We think she is amazing.    Do you know what she said?  That she was just so glad she could give us such an awesome Christmas present.  I love her.  Forever.  She also said some fun things like how she liked that Darin looked like Keith Urban.  That might have been my favorite part.  

After that we decided since it was so close to Christmas that we would make it our Christmas present to let everyone know the news.  The following Sunday we made our little video.  Then we packaged up the discs and mailed them out.  And waited.  It was SO hard for some of us to keep a secret.  I was fine.  The other two not so much.  But we made it and we had the best Christmas!  

And new year.  

And now we wait for April.  Ivy has a countdown chain in her room.  Darin signed up for those babycenter emails that tell you your baby is the size of an english cucumber or other various vegetables.  

Baby brother is always on her mind.  Multiple times during the day she will say things like I can't wait to teach baby brother....

and we are going to have to do this with baby brother...

and can we play birthmom?  Can we watch birthing videos?  

Always on her mind.  Always on our minds.  


So thats the deets.  I can't tell you how much we appreciated all of your kind comments and emails.  THANK YOU!! 

How has your January been?!



  1. BEST VIDEO EVER! Congratulations from a blog stalker (who is now crying!)

  2. Best news ever for the very best family. I've said it a million times but we really couldn't be happier for you! Ivy is a natural at so many things and loving her brother is at the top of that list! I can't wait to meet him! MWAH!

  3. Crying again! So, so excited for you all!

  4. So fun and so cute!! We are so happy for your adorable family!!!!

  5. So happy and excited for you guys! Baby brother is so lucky to have you two as parents and Ivy as a big sister! :) ♥

  6. Congratulations! What a great gift. It will be wonderful to have another one share your life. Glad Ivy is SO excited!

  7. Hey Jenn, it's been awhile! I am so excited for you guys! CONGRATULATIONS!!! My eyes were filled with tears of joy by the end of the video. I hope you and your beautiful family are doing great!


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