Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Round Three Done!

How did Round Three of the 24 Day Challenge go? I'm super stoked with how it went for me and I'm ready to take on March.   Now that my knee is at like 95% I feel like I can actually do the challenge how I intended it to be as far as working out goes.  But getting serious about "eating clean" is what I credit my results with.  So here's my results just for this 24 day challenge.

STOKED!! Now times that by two and thats what I've done since January 10th.   And technically I dont really know how you add up how many inches I've lost.  I mean it all depends on how many places you measure right? So does that mean if I measure more spots I lose more inches?  Who knows. All I know is its proof that doing all the right things works.  And that probably 80 percent of those results are just from changing what I eat.  Crazy.  But true.  

How did it go for you?  


  1. Way to go!!! When does round 4 start, I want in on this!!!!

  2. You are an inspiration! I think I am going to have to add eating clean. I have been doing insanity for 5 weeks and the only change is my butt has gained an inch :)

  3. i miss your blog.
    just sayin'...
    love, lindsay


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