Thursday, January 30, 2014

Football Hair:: An instant replay tutorial

It was sports day at Seahawks day at school a couple of weeks ago AND crazy hair day.  These Football Braids were a touchdown with Ivy and much easier than you think.  And since the Superbowl is this Sunday I thought I'd give an instant replay of the football braids for the big game.

  First we braided Ivy's bangs so they would stay back.  That part is completely optional.  

Start by putting the hair in to two high and wide pigtails.  Braid each pigtail and secure the ends with those tiny clear elastics.  Take the right braid and bring it down and to the left one, tucking the end in the left braid's rubberband.  With the left braid sweep it up and to the right, tucking it into the right ponytail.  We used bobby pins to hold the braids in place better too.  This gives you the football shape!

For the laces you will need white ribbon, bobby pins and a glue gun.  Cut one long ribbon and 3-4 short ribbons.  The lengths of these depend on your childs head, so don't forget to measure, or at least eyeball it.  Hot glue the shorter ribbons to the bobby pins and then glue those to the longer piece of ribbon.    When the glue is dry, slide the bobby pins down into the hair to secure the laces.  

With a couple more pieces of ribbon you can weave it in the ends to mimic the ends of a football.   I didn't do a great job of this, but you get the idea right?!

We are pretty excited for this Superbowl.  Both of our teams are in it, so either way our team wins!! Ivy has got Seahawks fingers and Broncos toes.  But sssshhhh if you asked Darin and I, we'd have to say go Seahawks!! 


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