Thursday, February 13, 2014

Love Struck >> Arrow Bobby Pins Tutorial

Valentine's Day is tomorrow and we are all set.  Ivy's classroom Valentines are made, her box is ready to go and her hairstyle all planned out.   We looked up some Valentine's inspired hair tutorials on youtube and fell in love with heart braids.  It is cute to see Ivy {finally} get excited about doing her hair.  She even practices making her own hair tutorial videos in the mirror.   To add our own touch to her heart braids we made some arrow bobby pins to make the braids a Cupid's heart. 

To make your own Love Struck bobby pins you need just some tiny scraps of material >> ours are leather and felt <<  bobby pins and a hot glue gun.   To make two bobby pins you will need 3 small squares of material.  
Take the first square and cut it in half diagonally.  This gives you the two arrowheads.   With the second square, first cut a triangle notch out of the top.  Then cut the bottom corners off at an angle to make a point.  Carefully snip the sides of your square to give it a feather look.  Repeat with the third square.  These are your arrow tails.  All that is left is to hot glue the arrowheads and tails to the top of your bobby pins.


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