Monday, February 10, 2014

You've Pierced My Heart Jewelry Valentines Printable

Valentines Day is this week and Ivy and I have some fun ideas for you to make it special!  Today we are sharing our Jewelry Valentines cards.  We used clay to make some cute earring and beads so we could wear our hearts on our ears.  And necks, and wrists.  Making hearts with the clay took some practice but we were able to make some cute enough to share with friends. 

For the earrings we used sparkly red sculpey clay, and a pack of earring backs that I picked up from the jewelry making department at Hobby Lobby.  The Alison Show has a great tutorial on making clay earrings here.  

 I used my tiniest hole punch to punch two holes for earring posts to go through on the u pierced my heart card.  

And for the bracelet I cut two small slits on the side to hold the string in place.   To make the heart bead I shaped a thicker heart and used an embroidery needle to poke a hole through the sides.  Be sure to make the hole big enough that you can thread the needle and string through after you bake the clay.  
{for personal use only}

 And since we are all about sharing the love this week, here is the PDF printable so you can make your own jewelry Valentines to share with your friends.  You could use them to give friendship bracelets or loom bracelets, necklaces or whatever else you and/or your kids have fun making!


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  1. Absolutely a great idea for a jewel holder! Not only do you get to organize, you organize in a personalized way, like these printables. Also, these are great for gift-giving. You can add short messages on those papers, say something about the person you are giving the gift to, and completely make her day special.

    Jake Grant


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