Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bling On My Chandelier

Can I just say that I love having a vinyl cutter?!  I love how quickly I can come up with something so cute.  
I had a 12 X 12 canvas hidden in my craft room.  And when I recently did a major clean out I found it and it didn't take me very long to come up with what I wanted to do with it.  
I started out and painted it a really pretty Spa Blue color.  I know it doesn't look super awesome but I could not for the life of me get my camera to take a good picture of the blue.  Or the camera couldn't get me to take a good picture of it.  However you want to look at it.  I only did one coat so the white could show through a bit and not look so perfectly painted.
 I had found a chandelier doodlebat that I liked and didn't look too crazy to weed so I cut it out of flat black vinyl.  I took the sandpaper to it to give it a antiqued look a little bit.
After I put the chandelier on the dry canvas I added some bling!  I had picked up some multi-sized crystals in some dollar spot somewhere (I think it was JoAnn's).  I put the crystals on each black circle in the various sizes.  They matched up perfectly which made me happy.
 I added it to my mantle because it was in some serious need of color.  Ignore that the jar of Cadbury eggs is only half full.  I keep snatching them every once in awhile and I can't find any more ANYWHERE to fill it back up!  I'd show you the rest of my mantle except it needs some serious work. This is a good start though!  And just so you know I took this picture at 6pm. I love daylight savings time! And I got a sunburn at the park yesterday.  Yay for spring!


  1. My sister-in-law and I are always going back and forth on whether or not to get a plotter. I think we may just have to now! Adorable!

  2. super phenom! that's you & your style. seriously cool. turned out perfect! i may have to tap your brain for some help with the new house. i'm thinking a very relaxed nauvoo country kind of feel. i'll buzz ya when its that time & see what you think. =)

  3. This turned out so cute. I've seen lots of chandeliers but never with blingy decorations.

    Feel free to stop by my blog and enter my necklace giveaway!

  4. YOu are so creative. I love your Spring craft. Seriously, it's time for another craft morning!

  5. Cute project!

    As far as the eggs, Rite Aid is supposed to have a good price for them right now. Have you checked there?

  6. you are so crafty. I LOVE the color!

  7. I have a robocutter at work (I bought it to make signs, honest). And I'm figuring out its craft uses too.
    Cool chandy.

  8. first sunburn of 2010 booya!

    if i ever own my own apt/house im going to hire you to decorate it and then everyone will think im crafty. brill plan i know right!?

  9. I love bling so this caught my eye. What a fun idea. You could also apply this to the vinyl wall decals of chandeliers. Clever woman.
    Pam @ Becolorful

  10. Ok- I really think I NEED to get me a vinyl cutter too!

    To cute!

  11. really nice!
    Blue is my favorite color! On the pictures it has amost a Tiffany blue color! Very elegant!

  12. hey, i was doing something with pool blue paint, vinyl and wood myself yesterday...and 8 girls! great thinking to add the bling to make your vinyl pop!

  13. I LOVE this!
    I got that same chandy the other day, from a font website, and now I'm dying to try this!
    Super talented, girl!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Shelley Smith


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