Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ruffles make everything cuter!

I have been on a ruffling kick.  It started with the onesie and then I looked around to see what else I could add ruffles to.  
Ivy got these shoes last fall. Her feet were growing like crazy and I thought for sure they would fit by at least Christmas.  Yeah they are still a little big.  And if she's gonna wear them this spring they need a little bit of flair!.  I saw someone else embellish these same shoes somewhere (sorry couldn't tell you where) a bit different so I thought what the heck.  
I ruffled some black polka dot ribbon and hot glued it strait to the shoe!
Now Ivy loves her fab shoes and wants to wear them all the time.  
I think I'll go add some ruffles to my shoes.


  1. Are those the shoes that Colton was chewing yesterday?? No wonder Ivy didn't want to share. Such cute shoes and I want a ruffle on mine too!

  2. can you ruffle mine while you're at it? =) uber adorable. so after gluing the ruffle down, did you stitch the edges of the ruffle or is that just how it laid? they look totally name-brandish!

  3. those are so adorable. seriously.


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