Friday, March 26, 2010

Fabric Rings

Last Friday morning I was rushing around trying to get all packed by 11:15.  Darin's sister was going to show up and we were headed out to Idaho.  Well you know how it goes.  We didn't end up leaving until about 1pm.  Since I was all packed I had a few minutes to spare so I made some rings!
 I got these ring blanks at Michaels a couple of months ago on clearance.  My metal glue was dried up so I had to use hot glue.  First up was a large scrapbooking brad.
Since hot glue doesn't work too well with metal and metal I cut  a small felt square and poked the brad through.  Then I folded up the prongs so they didn't show.
I  hotglued it to the ring blank and that was it.  Easy peasy.  Well that took about 2 minutes so I made some more!
The middle one is a singed flower.  I used black satin and 3 small black beads.  This one took a couple minutes longer but not much.
I also did some large covered buttons.    Ta da!  Four rings in about 10 minutes isn't too bad.  And for seriously like 50 cents each you can't go wrong!



  1. I love love these rings. So cute. I can't believe it only took you 10 minutes to make. It would've taken me 20 minutes to figure out how to do one, and that's if I had some help. :) I love your stuff.

  2. Very cute rings! you are so talented!

  3. So cute! And I have to say that I always have that problem with metal glue. It dries up on me. But I haven't seen it around in stores lately, so I haven't been able to stock up. I wonder if you found it at Michaels or Joannes? hmmm, I'll have to check again...


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