Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Adventure Is Out There

This is my favorite moment in UP.  I love that second where Ellie's hair blows in the wind.  If ever I have known exactly how a cartoon character feels it is that very moment. That touch of peace before you decide what you must do next. 

We made the decision to move forward in growing our family through adoption oh a year and a half ago.  But I keep stalling, taking baby steps.  Mostly because my heart just wasn't ready or in the right place.  But with God touching my heart everywhere I turn these days I know its time to race on ahead.  We've met with our counselor, we've started on our paperwork, we pray hard every day for things to work out for our little family.  And we work hard to make sure things work out for our family and our new adventure that is out there waiting for us.

The hard part about working towards your own goals is that it makes it difficult to help others with their adventures.

 My friend Heather has a huge heart and has her own fabulous adventure that she is on.  After her son Samuel passed away she started the Joyful Life Library, gathering up books to donate to local Children's Hospitals.  I puffy heart love the Joyful Life Library.  I'm a mom of a reader and know that more than anything books would be the biggest comfort to my child heaven forbid we were in the hospital.   

I've struggled the past couple months with wanting to help, but not knowing how with us trying to save up for adoption expenses.  Finally I went to Heather and we came up with... 

Bags for Books and Babies! {I love a good alliteration}

If you haven't seen I've added a few items to my shop.  My shop has become my way to contribute to raising money for our adoption expenses.  Its one of the best ways for me to be a stay at home Mama to Ivy and feel like I'm helping out.  I've listed several styles of shopping bags along with a few other things.  The best part about these bags is that with each one sold, I'll be donating a book to the Joyful Life Library.  Its a triple win.  Babies get books, I get a baby, you get a bag.  :) {thats worth a happy face isn't it?!



  1. One of the many, many reasons I adore you.

    Let's get together for our chat soon...how is this week looking for you?

  2. I need to watch up to see that moment now! I think, Alot of times, we just need to be like that little blue engine and think I can all the way up that hill or mountain. You are getting there Jenn, and the view is going to be better than you ever could've imagined...just keep chugging :)

  3. Hooray for Jenn! I'm cheering for you! :)

  4. I wish I was your VT...I'd bring you goodies and give you a hug!

  5. you've put this so well. i'm adding your sweet family back into our prayers. (not that ya'll shouldn't have stayed there, but i've gotten distracted.) sending so many hugs to you, jenn!


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