Monday, July 18, 2011

Friendship Bracelet Swap 2011

Hey Friends!  Are you excited?  Welcome to the Friendship Bracelet Swap 2011! Amanda and I have a super fun week planned for you guys, should we get it rolling?! 

Here's the deal-io on the swap since I know you guys are ready to get rocking on some bracelets...

To sign up all you need to do is email us at

with your 

email address
blog url {optional}

Then get started on making THREE bracelets!  Yep three because you will be making three new friends!  Amanda and I will be matching you up with three other people.  We will send you an email letting you know who you will be swapping with and their contact info.  It will be up to you to contact your new friends and get their mailing information so you can send them their totally rad new bracelets.

You can sign up for the Friendship Bracelet Swap through next Wednesday July 27th.  We will get you hooked up with your swap partners by July 29th.  Please, please, PLEASE!  mail your bracelets no later than August 5th.  

Now just in case you forgot  how to make friendship bracelets, here are some refresher coursed for you. has been blowing me away with all of their bracelet DIY lately.   THIS post was the inspiration for our bracelet swap.  It has a quick rundown of how to whip up some bracelets.  

Right after Amanda and I put our heads together The Purl Bee  so kindly came out with an amazing tutorial as well.  Perfect timing!  

We have also put together a couple of Pinterest Boards with links to tutorials and some pretty fab pictures to get your creative mojo going.

Now we know that the bracelets are the frosting on the cake.   The super cool part about doing a swap, especially a FRIENDSHIP bracelet swap is that you can make some way awesome friends!  We would love it if you all {and us} came away with new friends in your lives.  Go out of your way to get to know your swap partners.  Friends make everything better right?!   

All right.  Is that enough to get you started?! Did I leave anything out?  Be sure to check back here and over at the Modern Marigold all week for more ideas, tutorials and other fun stuff that we have planned for you!

{oh and did you count how many times I said Friend?  Cuz the first one to comment with the correct number wins a bracelet from me.}



  1. 11 friends, although some of them are that right?

  2. 6 friends, if you're being picky!

  3. Just signed up too! Jw, when we email our friends, can we ask what kind of colours etc they like? Or is it totally up to us?

  4. Technically, you only said "friend" once; "Friends" and "Friendship" were in there more often.

  5. i say 10 uses of the word friend

  6. I signed up, but never recieved an email back... so what's up?

  7. I just saw this excited I didn't miss it!

    Love your blog btw, new follower :)

    Haute To Sew

  8. So I know the deadline was wednesday, but it someone drops out or you need more, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to fill in :) I just saw this on the Salty Pineapple!

  9. i love your blog very interesting

  10. I just got to see this and so...I missed looking forward to next year...give me a heads up...Tootsie


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