Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Swimsuits Rack: DIY

{my little fish}

Hi friends!  How was your 4th?  Ours was super fun and I'm just getting back in to the swing of things around here.  But I'll tell you one thing.  We are living in our swimsuits these days.    Pool, Rinse and repeat it seems. And Ivy may or may not even sleep in hers sometimes.   I needed a place to wrangle those suits so we aren't scrambling to find them when its time to go.  I love my rack I came up with and as promised here's a quick how to!

board cut to desired length.  Mine is a 1x8x20
Spray paint
faucet handles {I got mine at Home Depot}
vinyl lettering

I found this board in the garage that was painted white and everything all ready to go! But I wanted pink letters so I decided on reverse stenciling. So I spray painted just the top pink.  I let it dry for about 10 minutes but wasn't too worried about letting it dry completely because I want it to be distressed.  

I cut out vinyl letters with my silhouette using the BEBAS font {one of my faves right now} and applied them to my board.  Then I had my helper paint the whole top white with craft paint.  Right over the top of the letters.  Just make sure you don't glob the paint on over the letters or it will seep.  Spray paint would work well too.

Let the paint dry for a couple minutes but not totally.  Then use some tweezers to peel off your letters.  If you want, use some super fine sandpaper to knock down the edges of the letters and distress to your liking. 

I spray painted my faucet handles with the same pink {rustoleoum 2xcoverage pink}, and let them dry completely.  Then I measured out where I wanted them and drilled holes in my board.  When you are getting the faucet handles make sure that you get the ones that have a knob on the back to help it stand off the board.  And Lowes did not have the handles so don't waste a trip.  Just head to home depot and ask where they are.  Then  find some screws in the garage and screw on your handles. 

Booya!  No more scrambling for {dry} swimsuits or lost bottoms!  Happy Swimming!

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  1. So totally adorable! I'll keep this in my reserve of crafty ideas for when we have kids! :)

  2. That would come in so handy for us maybe hung outside by our sliding glass door and I could hang up the boys wet swim trunks too. Thanks for the cute ideas!

  3. How absolutely adorable. You are on my links list, and I always love finding out about your days. Thanks for the tip about reverse stenciling. I'm usin' it!

  4. you. are. a. genius.
    plain & simple!
    with all these camps/trips daisy has been to this summer, it's been a bear trying to track the other suits down as i pack her bags in prep for the next adventure. thanks for this perfect idea! :)

  5. New follower here!! I am LOVING this project!! I can't wait to see more!! :)...oh and I looveee your profile pic!!

  6. Too stinkin cute! What a great idea, pinning this when I get home

  7. I love this! I think I'll adapt it a bit for a project I've been looking to do for my boys' winter coats!

  8. What a brilliant idea! I need one! You should sell them! :) Thanks for sharing.


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