Friday, July 1, 2011

Insta Friday {catching up edition}

DON'T go in to shock from 3 posts in a row!  But I heart Insta Friday and I heart Instagram {my user name is jenn_warnick if you wanna follow along} and I thought I would show you what has been keeping us busy this summer so far...

We went to a summer wedding and this little lady twirled to her hearts content.  Her favorite songs right now are Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and the Tangled theme.  She twirls and yells And at LAST I see the light. Over and Over and Over.
and over.

This is my "I wish I lived by the beach" bag.  It is super big and can fit everything we need for the pool. Towels, water bottles, snacks, toys.  I used laminate fabric for the inside {which is kind of a pain to sew with by the way} so we can throw wet stuff in and doesn't soak the bag.  I love it. 

I added paper straws to my shop.  You should go get some ;)

My little fish can't get enough of swimming.  She jumps in repeatedly and is getting braver and braver every day.  We have already used up two bottles of sunscreen.  Have you seen this video yet?  You should wear sunscreen.   

Most days we swim we are with our cousins.  These kids crack me up and I'm so so so glad that my sister in law Laney isn't taking classes this summer so we can spend some time with them!

After swimming we come home and eat an avocado.  Yep.  She eats it with a spoon.  

Last weekend I spent three days camping with the girls in our youth group.  My sister in law was a doll and watched Ivy during the day for us.  My little girl that I can only get to take naps in her carseat or bike trailer took hours long naps every day.  I'm seriously considering taking Ivy to her house every day at 12:30 for naptime.  

We took our girls camping at Twin Lakes a few hours north west of here.  Even though the weather wasn't super warm we still had a blast and I'm always blown away by how cool these girls are.  Being a teenager these days is no joke and these girls have a firm grasp on the fact that they are Daughters of God and they make such good choices.  Being in Young Women's has definitely taught me a thing or two and I'm so happy that I have sixteen year olds for role models.

Getting her hair did.  Did you know she is going to be 4 next month?  I already think of her as a 4 year old.  She is taller than most 4 year olds we know.

Having a photographer husband is awesome.  We just did a trade with a local rodeo queen.  Ivy gets horseback riding lessons once a week for a year.  So of course we had to get her some pink cowgirl boots.  We had her second lesson this week and she is already turning around barrels and backing up Laddy {thats the horse she rides}. 

Umm I have eaten way too many roasted marshmallows this month.  They are one of my favorite parts of summer and camping.  I like mine perfectly toasted golden brown.  Are you a burner or a roast to perfection kind of person?

Happy Insta Friday!



  1. What I great InstaFriday!! I'm linked up too! Love the straws <3

  2. AnonymousJuly 01, 2011

    great pictures!

  3. So sweet! Happy InstaFriday!


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