Thursday, December 15, 2011

Inspire Me...So fun I had to share!

I've been bringing back Inspire Me posts because I love sharing beautiful pictures or fabulous things I've seen around.  This weeks is a little random post of awesomeness and fun things that I just had to share right away.  

Handmade Ryan Gosling. So so funny.   The one about the craft stuff everywhere made me think of Darin.

If you have an apple device run to the app store and get the Red Stamp app!  Its free and fabulous.  As my friend Julie said... its a marry-able app.  It sends cards right from your phone by text, email or post em online.    Now you don't have to stress about not having a Christmas card done!

My friend Marilyn is fabulous and she did the most fabulous thing with her instagrams.  I use a lot of exclamation points when I talk about how much I love this.  You can get your very own calendar in Marilyn's etsy shop.

 A Let your Heart Be Light printable banner tutorial from Katies Pencil Box.  I love the sparkle.  

Every time she posts a hair tutorial I die.  I love the color and her style.  Slowly but surely my hair is growing out again.  Hopefully next holiday season I can rock it.  

I heart these free snowflake embroidery patterns.  Found on 30 Days Blog.

What has been inspiring you this week?



  1. all great inspirations! love 'em. mr. gosling is just too adorable to boot! :) LOVE marilyn's photo calendar. so subtle, cozy & familiar. love that about her. on the growing-hair-out front, today is the FIRST time in at least 2 years that i have been able to french braid my hair! so hopefully by next year i'll be able to join you in rocking the hair. :)

  2. Thank you for sharing! The photos are really awesome and inspiring.

  3. oh my word! LOVE all this festive goodness.
    the calendar is incredible.


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