Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sparkle Clothespins| A tutorial and last minute gift idea

You all know that I love me some Instagram.  I finally printed some off through PostalPix - which I love by the way.  They came super quick and I have thumbed through them several times, loving them and thinking of a way to share them as gifts for Christmas.  Ivy and I put together a few little photo display kits using some mini clothespins, string and our favorite photos.   
We love the glitz of the holidays and just had to add some of that sparkle to our kits.  So we glittered up the clothespins and they turned out so dang cute.  Just right to go with photos of my silly girl.  
All you need is some glitter, glue and clothespins.  Ivy picked Martha Stewart glitter in Turquoise.  Our clothespins are from Michaels, $2.99 for a pack of 25 I think.  

Apply a thin layer of mod podge to one side of your clothespins and go crazy with the glitter.  After they are dry you just dump off the excess glitter.  I like to spray the glitter with a spray adhesive or even a clear coat of spraypaint when I'm done.  Simple,  so sparkly and sweet.  

{ahhh the sun is shining!  For the first time in like 4 weeks!}

Package up some photos with some string and the clothespins to make your own photo display kit, which would be a perfect for Grandma, don't you agree?  We also took the prints of Ivy with her cousins and gave them as little 


  1. I love making glitter clothespins. So fun and easy

  2. so cute!! love the turquoise that miss ivy chose. perfect!! i can't wait to print some of my pics through postal pix. now i'm even more excited. :)

    merry Christmas sweet friend!!


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