Monday, February 6, 2012

Hello Monday!

Ahh Monday.  I was so dreading it last night when I was setting my alarm last night.  Its just not my favorite thing to do, getting up before the sun.  Crazy how getting up when its light at 6:15 is a whole lot easier than getting up that early in the winter.  Yeah can't wait.  I have just a couple of quick things to share with you today.

I'm so touched that you guys are thinking of our little family and asking how our adoption plans are going.  I get a little teary each time I get such nice emails.  We are still moving forward with it.  In fact we have a new Facebook page to help spread the word.  If you want you can hop over and like our Darin and Jenn Warnick adoption page .  We met with LDS Family Services and they told us that 90% of adoptions happen because someone knows someone.  Crazy!  What better way to spread the word than through social media right?  So if you know someone looking to place...

 Also, if you missed it on facebook I've added these super cute barrettes to the  Ruffled Sunshine shop.  Ivy wears a pair just about every day and is in love with the new gold ones.  If you order some I'll rush to get them for Valentines Day.  And if you are local, feel free to let me know in checkout so I can refund you shipping and get them to you!  

Last but not least,  Yay!  The Giants won the Superbowl!  The buffalo chicken poppers were a hit, and I even got some  projects done that I can't wait to show you later this week!  Hope you had a fun weekend too, and we'll talk soon.


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  1. Jenn! I am so excited for you guys! Prayers and hugs to you and your family. Adoption isn't easy but it is so worth it. Hang in there and you will see miracles. Please don't hesitate to email me if you ever need to talk about it. ;-) Love you guys. -K


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