Monday, February 13, 2012

XOXO Mini Banner

Hello friends did you have a fun weekend?  Darin and I had a little date to a dance Friday night and then Saturday night I celebrated a sweet friends birthday.  Cupcakes and The Vow were involved.  It doesn't get more girly for a girls night out than that I think!  And now here I am trying to think of some last minute ideas to make Valentine's day fun for my little family.  I'm not much for Valentine's day decor but I have added a couple of little touches here and there.  This XOXO mini banner added just a bit of love to my felt wreath.  I have stacks of x's and o's from heart barrette cards and I wanted to use them up.  To make your own you will need a tiny hole punch, letters and embroidery floss.  Its simple and threading your floss will probably take longer than putting the whole thing together!

Thread your floss, punch your letters and use your needle to go through those tiny holes.  Then add however many x's and o's you want and hang your mini banner wherever your heart desires!  Don't you think this would make a super cute cake bunting too?


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  1. simply CUTE.. love this wreath!! I love how you and your main squeeze not only had a date on Friday, but a DANCE date!! You have a keeper ;)


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