Tuesday, February 7, 2012

He's a fox.

Remember this little guy?  Last October I  sketched up a fox just messing around .  I was kind of impressed with myself since I am NOT a  very good draw-er.  I loved him so much that I had to make him a little bit more real.  So I traced out the parts on to freezer paper and cut out some felt to applique.  

I used wool felt and made a onesie for this little fox.  Check out those baby blues!  That little guy belongs to our good friends Rob and Stacy who live in Utah.  When we visited last October he was just a tiny peanut, now look at him.  Such a handsome fellow.

   Its not very often that you get to see a baby wearing a gift that you made so I was so happy when Stacy sent me these rad photos. Here are my tips for appliqueing onesies... pre wash your onesie for shrinkage and use stitches that will allow for stretch over those fuzzy heads and baby bellies.  If you use felt I recommend the 100% wool stuff.  And always wash in cold water and hang dry.

{Stacy is a photographer in SLC who rocks the house.  If you are in that area I highly recommend her.  You can see her work at StacyMariePhotography



  1. Those eyes are beautiful! Fox turned out so cute- love it

  2. omg his eyes are so electrifying!! adorable!!


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