Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How To Save Pinterest Photos To Your Phone

Ok so this is kind of a fitness tip too.  I exercise first thing in the morning, you know before I actually am awake and can think a normal thought. That way I can't talk my way out of it.  But I do like to stretch and do a few exercises in the evening, especially if I'm watching TV.  Thats where my handy Pinterest app tip comes in handy.  If you have the Pinterest app you can save photos to your phone, like one of those exercise things you see, so you don't have to go digging through Pinterest for it. 

Open up your Pinterest app and choose explore.  It will pull up a list of topics to search through.  For this I'm going to look in fitness.  You can also search things like exercise, abs, leg workout...

Scroll through until you see an exercise you might want to try.  I think that lean legs pyramid looks pretty good so I want to try that.  Sigh, since that is the area I need the most work on!

Tap the photo you want to take a closer look at.  You might have to scroll down a bit but see that button that says More?  Tap that.

It will pull up this screen.  Check it out, you can save it to your camera roll!  Tap that button.

After you finish checking out all the other fabulousness on Pinterest you can go see your photo in your camera roll.  See my Instagram photos?  And yes I am kind of considering homeschool.  But thats besides the point. There is my lean legs pyramid at the end.

Now I can get lean legs while watching 30Rock and the Office.  Oh geez this looks tough.  I hate jumping jacks!  

Pretty snazzy eh.  Now you can have exercises within reach instead of reaching for the cheetos!  Want to know something terrible?  When I was nursing Ivy I would watch the Biggest Loser and eat cheetos.  She was literally sucking all the fat off of my body so I felt completely justified.  At least they were the natural cheetos... just sayin.  


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  1. Thank you so much.... I've been taking so many annoying screenshots


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