Friday, March 2, 2012

Marching On {insta.3.2.12}

Can it really be March already?  Did I say that about February?  Seriously. 

Here's a little insta catch up of some goings on around our house.  Thanks Instagram for keeping track of my day to day for me!

We buy a dozen apples and 3 bunches of bananas twice a week.  Throw in some strawberries, mangoes and grapes and half our grocery budget is gone.  #fruitface.

My sister came to visit us for the weekend and we watched Breaking Dawn.  She is the best to watch Twilight with.  We have the same appreciation for the ridiculousness of the whole thing.

We also went for our first bike ride of the year.  A little chilly but it was the best.  Riding bikes is the best.

Making cookies for Darin's photo classes is not good for my waistline.  Why do they have to be so good right out of the oven?

Ivy and I took a personal day to have a Star Wars marathon.  You should do it. Personal days are good for you.  And why does Star wars never get old?   

You gotta try these banana split shooters.  The funnest treat we have had in a while.  Cut up a banana, dip in chocolate, top with some ice cream and a cherry.  The perfect bite if there was one. 

Vinyl is an awesome way to decorate your phone.  Especially if you are like me and want a different case ever two weeks.

We woke up to snow on Monday.  My only thought was "isn't it summer yet?!!"  But we enjoyed it just the same.  Well she enjoyed it anyways.  

Camo goes excellently with a pink tutu, wouldn't you agree?!  

In case you were curious what 20 pounds of jelly beans looks like, its a lot.  But they look super cute in vases on a table decorating the church gym.

I lept in to bed on leap day.  Wanna know the cool thing about instagram?  You can tag your husband in your picture asking them to come turn out the light and he will come do it for you.  It's like magic I tell you!

Linking up with my friends over at Life Rearranged.  If you just can't bear to wait for insta friday to see what I've been up to you can follow me, just look for me @ ruffledsunshine.  

Have a fun weekend friends!



  1. personal days + star wars = the way to go! 20 lbs is an amazing amount of jelly beans :)
    happy weekend to ya!

  2. Those banana split shooters look awesome!


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