Monday, March 19, 2012

Star Wars Undies {a fabric stenciling tutorial}

The force is strong in this house.  Ivy walks around going Duh Duh DUh dun dun dun...dun du dun.  All. Day. Long.  We have the next 5 halloweens planned out.  
  In primary a few weeks ago she told the kids in her class that they needed to be quiet like Obi Wan.  

She needed some Star Wars undies in her life. 

You know how you get packs of undies and half are just plain white?  They aren't fun so they don't get worn.  Stenciling is a great way to make them fun.  To start you will need some plain undies {or whatever you want to stencil really just make sure it is pre washed, fabric paint and a stencil, }.  There are a couple of different materials you can use as a stencil.  An actual stencil, freezer paper or vinyl.  I prefer vinyl because you can get a more intricate design and use transfer paper to get all the tiny pieces in the right spot.    

For my Star Wars stencils I found some free pumpkin carving templates online and imported them in to my Silhouette.  I did a trace and them cut them out with the Silhouette.  For a stencil you are going to weed the inverse of what you normally would take out of a sticker.   You can also trace and cut Freezer paper for a stencil if you don't have a craft cutter.  

Once you have your stencil, adhere it to your undies or whatever.  

After you've got your stencil in place, put some cardboard like a cereal box under the area you are going to paint, be sure to put it in between any layers.  Then just go ahead and paint over it in thin coats.  I used some pink craft paint and mixed it with Martha Stewart Fabric medium to make it washable. Now be patient and let it dry. Sometimes that is the hardest part.  Once its dry you can take off your stencil.

Just one more quick step... heat set your design with an iron and you are ready to rock your star wars undies.

The storm trooper ones are my favorite.  Although little girls running around with R2D2 on their buns is pretty dang cute.



  1. I'm going to start keeping track of how many times she references Star Wars in's my very favorite thing about Sundays!

    Those are darling, seriously. And perfect for Ms. Ivy!

  2. My daughter is a Star Wars fan too and her underwear and starting to look real raggedy so she is due for some new digs. These are TOO adorable!

  3. OMG! I love the idea! My daughter is a HUGE Star Wars fan. Thanks for the idea. I will have to make them.

  4. this is an awesome treat. i can do a lot of different designs aside from star wars. my daughter is pretty much attached to teddy bears so this could be cute as well. love it!

  5. Do you mind telling us where the silhouettes came from?


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