Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Halfway Point

Also the point where I tell you I am completely failing at my own challenge.  Here are three completely honest if it kills me things I've learned about myself so far from this 24 day challenge...

1.  I am not motivated by a pedicure in the slightest.  Not one little bit.  Nor am I motivated by trying to be better than someone else.  Turns out being vain and selfish isn't very inspiring.  

Today I decided I was doing this for me only.  Being my best self has nothing to do with how much better my best self is than someone else's best self.  Ugh aren't those terrible thoughts?  That wasn't my intention when I came up with this challenge but I dwelled on it long enough that my thoughts turned that way.  You know how they say comparison is the thief of joy?  Well its true.  I already knew that but I let it take the joy out of this for me.  And yeah pedicures.  If I'm not motivated enough to get them any other time, it probably isn't going to be enough incentive to be tough.

*Lesson Learned- Positive thinking and not worrying about others is key.*

2.  The second thing I've discovered is that I don't have the willpower to make really yummy treats for the ladies I visit teach and not eat one.  Or even stop at one.

But seriously, brownie cookies?! I should have known better.   If you have to cheat, make it something that makes you really happy right?  Sorry if I haven't visit taught you yet.  I can't face another batch of these without giving in to the pressure, so you are going to have to have something store bought.  But know I don't think any less of you.  

*Lesson Learned- Baking is out for me. 

3.  Muscles are my motivation.  I like getting stronger and tougher.  I like buying workout clothes more than regular clothes. I will pick weights over cardio ANY day.   If you aren't sold on why strength training is important, this is an excellent article comparing the benefits of strength training and cardio.  I also love this list of 62 Fitness and Diet Rules . Both have helped me recommit myself to this dang thing.  That and I did pushups yesterday and I can't do near as many as I used to.

*Lesson Learned-Stick with what truly motivates you.

So if you needed a reset like me today would be a great day to do it.  Whether you've been rocking it or not its time to take measurements!  Or you can pass and wait till the end.  Either way we are halfway done!  I hope you are doing better than me. ;)



  1. I love the "I'm doing this for me" and really, really love "strong is the new skinny". The food part has been hard for me, but I am keeping at it. Keep posting, it helps with my focus!!


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