Friday, September 14, 2012

InstaFriday 9.14.12

Fall is beating down my door.  And try as I might I can't seem to get away from it.  The one thing that makes it being September already is that it is football season.  I love everything about it but I love the most snuggling up with Dtox to watch a game.
 September has also brought us go outside more weather, back to reality, a schedule and some good old fashioned silliness.
 The same day Ivy started kindergarten I also became a soccer mom.  And a dance mom.  And a busy mom.  D reminds me that I brought this on myself.  Ivy and I love it.  Before her first soccer game we had to have a serious talk about no cartwheels during the game.  
We had our first day of boot weather.  Even I couldn't resist.  But it was a one time deal.  I'm saving the rest for when its actually fall.  Next week BOO!  I finally busted out the canner today too.  We picked up peaches to do Monday and I got our first batch of applesauce done.  Yay for being domesticated and stuff!  

Have a great weekend!


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