Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Ruffled Sunshine 24 Day Challenge

Who needs a challenge?  Are you up for one? Because I have one for you.

Here's the thing.  I've quite literally kicked my own butt trying to get in shape for the past year.  I know its a constant work in progress and sometimes I need a goal, some kind of "thing" to keep me motivated.  My knee injury has got me down BIG time.  {I tore my mcl surfing six weeks ago if you hadn't heard.  I know super bummed.}  I need a new "thing" to help me get out of this funk.    So I came up with a 24 day challenge to push myself.    

 I've grabbed a couple girlfriends who were looking for a bit of a challenge as well.  We are gonna rock it and then we are gonna party.  Sound like something you are intererested in?!

Good.  I've got a game plan to help us out...   

Today is September 4th.  We will officially start on September 6th.  That way we end on the 30th all nice and tidy like.  I'm also giving us a couple of days to get our game plan in motion.  Today your assignment is fairly easy.  

Ugh.  The moment of truth.   It has got to be done though.  I'd also suggest taking a before picture so you can physically see what changes occur!  I made a measurements sheet so you can easily keep track of your stuff and compare notes at the end.  

You can download your measurement sheet HERE.  Then print it out and write down your measurements in the day one column Yeah, you have to weigh yourself too.  To find out your body fat percentage just google body fat percentage calculator and fill in the info and it will spit out the number for you.  From experience doing all this really does help make it all more real.  

Ok.  Thats probably enough for one day.  I'd love to hear from you if you are going to join me!  Get your measurements done and I'll be back tomorrow to help us get set.  I'll give you ALL the details then.   Kick off is Thursday so get ready to rock it!



  1. This is just what I needed today! I'm so in!

  2. I'm in...nervously taking the measurements, but in all the same.


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