Thursday, April 1, 2010


I've got the decorating bug.  But we are renting a house so there isn't much I can do about that.  No painting, or vinyl on the walls.  {SIGH}.  So I thought I would show you some stuff that we did in our house in Denver! If we could have picked up that house and brought it with us I would have done it in a second.  We built it and I thought it was where we were going to stay for a LONG time.   
First up a taste of Ivy's room.  That grass went all around the bottom.  It was just about 24 inches tall.  The ladybugs were 2 layers of stickers.  The was also some ants and butterflies and flowers.  If I remember right the tree was almost as tall as me so 5 1/2 feet tall.  Isn't that little owl so cute!
The master bedroom was the one of the best parts about the house.  It was big and had a bit of breathing space.    In this little recessed area we painted a brown accent wall and added some vinyl aspens.  Can you see that little bird in the corner?  I don't know why but I loved how his tail just barely went on the other wall.  
There was also a pop out on this wall  that we painted the same brown and added a branch and bird.  That green is my favorite paint color.  It is Moselle green by Kwal Paint.  It is the perfect neutral green.  If you are wanting a green its the way to go. 
Going up the stairs was this huge wall that we did a photo grouping on with some more vinyl above it.  The best way to do a big photo grouping is like this.  It works like a charm.  
This was the best part about our house.  It was SO open.  I love having big windows and tons of natural light.  That's something I love about springtime is wanting to open up the blinds first thing in the morning and letting in that gorgeous sunshine. Man that house looks clean. Oh wait, it was!  We didn't have a 2 year old leaving a wake of toys and crumbs everywhere!

{edited to add}Whew.  I feel better.  Sometimes I get sad about the things we left behind in Denver.  But doing this post reminded me that things like this house really are just things.  My home is always where my family is and not being able to paint the walls doesn't make it less of a home.  Besides there are so many little things I can do to make it my own, that I can take with me.  Like the pillows I want to make this week, or the lampshade redo I have in mind, or this or that....;)


  1. i know how you feel on both sides of this coin. there was a house in idaho that i put a TON of work into. it was quaint & wonderful. when i think about it, it makes me cry.
    but at the same time, the reasons i loved that place the most are right here by my side in the TC's. there will be other houses, and there will be various cans & shades of paint, and i will go through all sorts of decor phases, but my family will be with me each step of the way, and THAT is why i will love it. =)
    thanks for the thoughtful post.
    got my rusty gears a-working.
    have a great rest of the week!

  2. It's hard being in a house that doesn't feel like the place you are going to put down roots. Renting is hard, but you always have lots of cute decor ideas to spruce things up. Loved looking at the pic's of your house in Denver. I love open spaces too.


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