Thursday, April 22, 2010

Waiting for the Flood

Remember when I said that Ivy was growing like a weed?  These pants were the perfect length 3 weeks ago.  Everything else about them fits just fine, and they are some of my favorite pants she has.  So instead of putting them into a bin for someday I' decided to put them to good use.  
I took one leg and folded up at about the height I wanted.  Can you see how I folded it in by bring up the hem?  
 Here is what it looks like from the inside of the pant leg.  
Pin it in place really well.  Making sure to match up the side seams.  Do you like my new pretty red pins?  I hate pinning mostly because I hated my crappy pins.  So I got some new ones. Maybe if they are pretty I will enjoy them more
Sew right down the other stitching lines. A little side note is that if you think your machine will have a hard time going through those thick denim side seams, just turn you wheel by hand to prevent needles breaking and that annoying "your machine is going to blow up" buzzing sound.  
 Now she's got some new capris!  This works best with a trouser style or wide leg pants, that has a larger hem at the bottom.
She's still waiting for the flood, but in a much cuter way!  



    you. are. a. genius.

  2. that is a great solution and as she grows the length will still look cute! you will have to show me the turn the wheel manually trick...i know that sound all too well :)

  3. I've been meaning to do that with a few of my daughter's jeans. A tip I read (but haven't tried yet) is to use a hammer to flatten out those thick parts where the seams meet.

  4. Not just for kids! I do this with my own pants all the time! If you do a light whip stitch by hand on dress pants, you can hardly even see the stitches and they look pretty good!

  5. Very cute and stylish capris. Of course the model makes a wonderful way to show them off also. I love the exact detail us used explaining to others how to do it, Jenn. Way to go and g double o, d job...good job, good job.

  6. Don't forget to use a denim/jeans needle. The thicker needle helps get through the thicker fabric.



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