Monday, April 19, 2010

The Summer Vacation Shortie

I was working on Ivy's summer wardrobe over the weekend.  Its 80 degrees again today! I think I'm getting anxious for the nice weather because pants that were just right on my baby girl two weeks ago are too short this week.  And shorts weather plus no diapers means she can still wear her shorts from last year!  I swear she only grows up not out. 
 And this is probably the last summer I can get away with putting her in a bubble romper.  They are my absolute favorite thing a little girl can wear.  I used the new Summer Vacation Dress and Shortie pattern from MADE.  These will be for sale in Greenies  towards the end of the week.  Made from both super cute fabric and upcycled from old t-shirts, these shorties and dresses are the perfect way for your little girl to spend a summer {or really nice spring} day!



  1. This is such a cute outfit, and even more adorable on Ivy. I think you are so talented. Cute stuff for sure!

  2. Ahhhh I love it!!! So cute, and thanks for the ruffle week that was fun!

  3. do you know what? hearing you talk about getting excited for ivy's summer wardrobe reminded me of my grandma. she was an awesome seamstress like yourself and put her love into the outfits she would sew for my mom and even her barbie. i loved playing with/dressing up my mom's barbie when i was a kid, but my mom would hardly ever let me play with it. anyway, it was an act of love towards her daughter and filtered down to her grandkids and it's neat to see that similarity in you with your ivy.


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