Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What are you doing?

Today I am working at Greenies while Darin is teaching photography classes at a local high school.  I brought my sewing machine in with hopes of getting some stuff sewn but at this rate probably not.  I've got a customer coming in at 4 to talk about making clothes for her twin kids.  She is getting married in Mexico and wants some thing "beach formal".  Is that a style or did I make it up?  

Friday I'm going to be doing THIS.   Hopefully I will finally get to meet all the fabulous Tri Cities bloggers that everyone keeps telling me I need to meet.  Especially since in a round about way I'm kind of related to half of them.  

And next week?  I'm going to be doing 
that.  You can get all the details at Grosgrain.  The dress she has picked out is super cute. I'm excited to have a new dress for Mothers Day {my least favorite day of the year by the way}.  

I took this challenge {started April 1st} and so far so good.  Because lets face it.  I get much more excited about buying fabric then going and trying to find a new dress.  Plus I've never made a dress for me so it will be a new challenge. 

So thats what I'm going to be up to for the next couple of weeks.  How are you challenging yourself these days?


  1. fun stuff!
    i'm with you on the buying fabric vs. trying on &/or buying new clothes. =) retailers hate me cause i refuse to try anything on in the store. so they see me more often than they'd like.
    as for what i'm up to lately? good question. trying to sane midst boxes & boxes & boxes....and trying to find more energy to keep packing them. not to mention filling in at my old ortho office while some people are out. thank goodness or ward activity is wrapped for a few weeks, otherwise my head might start spinning and an exorcist might have to be called! lol. have a great rest of the week! =)

  2. p.s.
    it isn't just the bad lighting,
    nothing ever looks right on me in a store....either its way too long, or baggy on me (and i'm oozing frumpy all over) OR it gets stuck....either going on or coming off, no lie-it gets stuck. i especially try NOTHING on if i'm alone shopping, case i definitely need non-judgmental backup in the fitting rooms!
    figured i'd clarify. =)

  3. dress shopping is the best thing in the WORLD! your crazy.


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