Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fun in the Shade {just for you Karen!}

My friend Karen is doing Relay for Life in a couple of weeks and for her fundraiser she managed to get a few hundred pieces of Shade clothing.  The cool part.  Everything was $5!  I got there too late to get some of the cutest stuff, but like Karen said, I was basically there shopping for fabric.  These green shirts caught my eye and so I snagged two.  One for wearing and one for material to embellish with.  
{TIP: get one shirt in your size and the other in the biggest size you can find-more material to work with. }
I know nothing too exciting right?
I didn't know quite what I was going to do, so I cut my fabric a couple of different ways.  I cut some strips, circles, and some scalloped circles with my Big Shot.  I also cut some tulle circles for some texture.
One option was to place the strips on the shirt, pin it down and sew.  Which actually looks really cute, and I'll probably do it some other time.  
But I liked those scalloped circles so I layered the tulle on top,
pinched it up like this..
 and pinned it to the shirt.  I think I used 12.
After carefully trying it on and moving a couple circles around I stitched it down.  I used the stretch stitch on my sewing machine and just sewed a random swirly line to get a kind of messy effect.  
Wahoo!  In 20 minutes I had a fab shirt.  For 10 Bucks!
I love the texture and shimmer that the tulle adds.  Try it!  It is so fun and easy, I promise!  The clearance rack is an awesome spot to score two shirt for super cheap for projects like this.
Karen said she expected a tutorial sometime this week on what I did with my shirts.  So here you go!  I hope you like it ;0)!
And how awesome is it that when I ask Darin to take a picture of a shirt I just made I get this?! 



  1. You kill me! I knew whatever you did would be fabulous and it's even better than I imagined. You are seriously so talented. Can you just alter all of my shirts for me please?

  2. Another fabulous project made! I love it!

  3. you left out the part where you later gave the shirt to me...cute and comfy, love it...and your biceps :)


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