Friday, May 14, 2010

Summer Lovin'

Today I'm  inside all day working at the Kadlec Caregivers Appreciation Bazaar.  Luckily there is Wi-Fi and I get to sit by the windows and see the gorgeous blue skies taunting making me happy!  And since I'm sitting here daydreaming about being outside, I put together some of my summer must haves to share.
 image via LIME RICKI
This swimsuit is calling out to me!  Nothing says summer like red white and blue right?!  Its cute AND modest.  And we all know thats a magical combination. 

This bike is my bike.  Isn't it gorgeous?!  It is the Electra Tree of Life (Alexander Girard series).  I seriously ride around with a smile on my face.  
{of course you can get your bike at Greenies and join my new bike gang ;)}

 I'm seeing a stripe trend going on.  I just wish that Payless actually had the shoes I see online in their store, and in my size when I went in there!

This is my FAVORITE sunscreen.  I love how it smells, how its thick but not heavy, and especially how it doesn't give me a rash.  Ivy and I blow through this stuff when its sunny so its a good thing I know a great place to get it!
{image via Electric Sunglasses}
Since Darin worked for a sunglasses company I was completely spoiled and had all the glasses I could want.  Downside is I learned how bad cheap sunglasses are for your eyes, so I can't ever go back.  Luckily I still have a bunch of glasses, but if I was going to buy a pair these would be it.  Black and white without being too flashy.  I heart them.
What are your summer must haves?  

*one more must have*
    I have been using an Aquasana decanter for a year.  I love it because it holds almost thirty ounces which means I only have to drink 2 per day.  I take it everywhere and even get teased about it.  But recently I found a new water bottle.  Its awesome enough to make me break up with my old one.
Its the Klean Kanteen 20 oz INSULATED water bottle.  I love that I can have cold water all day. 

So now you know what I'll be doing this summer... riding my bike with some sweet shades to the pool to hang out in my new swimsuit and drink my cold water.  Care to join me?  Just don't forget your sunscreen.



  1. I saw black shoes with that flower on them at the pasco payless. They had lots of other flats, too. Now I am worried that my cheap sunglasses are going to do irreparable damage to my eyes. Thanks.

  2. I totally ride around on my bike with a smile on my face! I probably look like a dork, but man is it great!

  3. LOVE the suit! there are so many cute ones out there this year. Love the bike, I wish I could afford one! Someday...I hope

  4. Fun post Jenn... I have to say that for a mom's treat when its hothothot - Dreyer's Fruit Bars - my personal favorite is the coconut and my husband loves the strawberry. Lots of flavors -- today I picked up pomegranate and blueberry to try. About 80 calories of cold yummy goodness.

  5. how do people tease you about the aquasana? everyone thinks mine is cool!

  6. water bottle teasers? what the heck? :) it will be nice w/ your new one to drink it whenever and still have it be cold. not much longer and all your summery things will be put to good use!

  7. Great list Jenn! Summer is coming.....


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